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Transform your living room in to a happening party place with this Bose Soundlink Color Bluetooth Speaker for Mobile Phones, which sports a vibrant red color. The Bose Soundlink is a wireless speaker that can play music via Bluetooth. Just connect any of your Bluetooth enabled devices to the speaker via Bluetooth and play your favorite songs anywhere, anytime. This SoundLink Color speaker has a range of about 30ft, so you can enjoy your music out loud, without wires. Its Voice prompt talks you through Bluetooth pairing, making it even simpler. Moreover, the speaker remembers the eight most recent devices you've used, so reconnecting get quicker. In addition, you can connect your friend's phone as well as yours simultaneously, as the speaker connects to two devices at once. You can play music anywhere you are, whatever you're doing, as the speaker is snug and light enough to carry along even when you're traveling light. Its 8 hours of nonstop playback time makes this device even more desirable.


  • 134.62mm
  • 127mm


  • Micro USB port
  • Wireless range up to 30 ft
  • Battery life up to 8 hrs


  • Featuring an alluring look, this Bose Soundlink Color Bluetooth Speaker is sure to nab everyone’s attention the moment you take it out of your bag. Yes, you heard it right, it can be stored in a bag! The speaker features a compact shape with rounded edges that allow it to fit in your bag or a backpack. Its lightweight body of 1.25lb makes it an ideal device for your mobile lifestyle. The body of this Bluetooth speaker is constructed out of durable materials that makes it sturdy enough to withstand everyday use.


  • This Bluetooth Speaker from Bose has been designed to make usage as easy as possible. On top of the speaker, there is a rubberized inset comprising of six buttons. From left to right, the Bluetooth speaker features a power button with an LED to indicate battery status, a Bluetooth button, and a switch for the auxiliary mode. The remaining buttons allow you to control the play and pause functions. These buttons also let you skip and reverse tracks with a double click and triple press, respectively. At its back, the Bose speaker includes a small selection of ports; an auxiliary port for a wired connection and a microUSB port for charging.


  • The Soundlink Color Bluetooth Speaker has a range of about 30ft, so you can enjoy all of your favorite songs out loud, even if you’re in a separate room. This device can be paired with your tablet, smartphone, or any other Bluetooth device. Offering even more convenience is the Voice Prompt feature that talks you through Bluetooth pairing, making it plain simple. Moreover, the speaker remembers the eight most recent devices that you’ve paired, so it's even easier reconnecting. Shuffle between two devices at once, as this Bluetooth speaker from Bose lets you connect two Bluetooth devices simultaneously.


  • This Soundlink Color Bluetooth speaker from Bose is built in with a rechargeable Lithium Ion battery that delivers up to eight hours of playing time. It can be charged from a wall outlet or via most USB power sources. Its powerful performance and proprietary technologies help produce a clear, well balanced, full range sound anytime, anywhere.

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